Certain antiquated marketing techniques cannot be replaced. The business card is one example of this. Over the past few decades, the marketing landscape has changed dramatically. Today, the majority of consumers evaluate a company based on its online presence. There is no question in my mind. However, the appeal of physical company assets like business cards makes them well of the extra time and money. It all depends on how you adapt business card designs for the digital era.

But are business cards still useful in today’s world?

You are heard. Many small company owners have that idea. Do you believe it is worthwhile to endure the design and printing costs of business cards at the early stages when the business funds are already tight? Yes! Every year, close to 10 billion business cards are manufactured. That demonstrates that companies still believe in the power of a business card for branding. Not persuaded? Let’s examine a few advantages that a business card provides.

Designs for business cards give a good initial impression. Additionally, they convey to others your commitment to your concept. And it provides a solid foundation for developing trust.

Attending networking gatherings with your business cards at the ready demonstrates your openness to and readiness for new opportunities. Clients seeking services or goods as well as businesses seeking partnerships are keen to deal with an organization that is actively embracing growth.

A professionally made business card serves as a memento of your company. Since your clients are exposed to your brand every time they see your business card, your exposure soars. And after a few impressions, they continue to remember your brand. We all enjoy conducting business with well-known brands.

When it comes to its ROI, business cards have likewise retained a solid reputation.

In spite of the advantages, you should be aware that around 88% of business cards are thrown out in a week. Here are some design blunders to stay clear of when creating business cards so that you can be sure your card will not suffer that terrible fate.