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Guide for Developing a Brand Identity

Brand identity is the combination of all elements that help your clients identify your business and your products.

In order to create the best brand identity for your business, first, you need to define a few key things:

  • What is your mission?
  • What are your business’s values?
  • What is your business’s personality?
  • What makes you different from the competition?

All of the above are very important in defining your company’s brand identity; thus, it is beneficial to have a clear vision for each before you begin to build it.

Logo design

After this, the next step is creating your identity’s design. You should choose carefully when creating your logo since it will be the first thing that helps your consumers identify your products. Typography, Colors, and Shapes are all essential tools you have at your disposal when creating your brand design. 

After figuring out what will be the foundation of your brand’s design, you should hire a professional designer to help you translate your idea into a beautiful eye-catching form. When working with your designer, you need to make sure to give them all the right answers to the questions that we have covered at the beginning of the article.

You want your design to cover at least the following matters:

  • A clear message to your consumers about your brand’s values;
  • Simple and friendly to your consumer’s eyes;
  • Classic and lasting;
  • Corresponds with your industry;
  • Impressionable to the audience;

Creating a website

Your website can be one of the strongest weapons in your brand identity arsenal. This is especially important if you do your business primarily online or sell digital products. Any potential customer will most likely do thorough research of your site before choosing to buy any of your products.

Designing your e-mails

E-mails are also a powerful tool for communicating with your customers, especially for online businesses. But keep in mind that most e-mails end up in the junk/spam compartments. So you need to make sure your e-mail stands out in the crowd if you wish to get any response from your potential customer. Always make sure your e-mails are easy-to-read, short, and simple. Some cute and catchy images may go a long way in your favor too.

Business card

No serious business should go about with no business card. A well-designed and flashy business card will help your potential buyer gain a positive first impression of your business and products. Not to mention it gives an image of professionalism of you as well. Just like your e-mails, try to make your business card design cute and simple.

Product package

Design of the package of your products, if they have a physical form, can make or break your customer’s choice. Keep in mind that for some people, the package is a key factor when choosing what products to buy. A well-designed package is a great opportunity for your product to achieve the desired sales numbers.

Final words

Your brand identity is how you communicate your products to your customers, and ultimately, it is what distinguishes you from your competitors. If you want your business to strive in a fierce completive market, it is essential to create the best design possible to deliver your core values and mission to your audience.