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What Are the Web Design Trends in 2022?

A design describes the appearance, function, and appeal of a thing. Good design draws people in and captivates them, making them want more. Technology continues to advance, and design aspects impacting usability, sales conversions, and the overall user experience evolve as well. Here are some of the trends we see in web design in 2022.

1. Mobile-friendly design

Nearly half of all online activities take place on smartphones. Due to this, most website designing companies can prioritize design responsiveness during a newly designed web page layout. Web pages are expected to have the ability to swap smoothly between mobile devices such as tablets, PC, and phones.

2. A more colorful design trend

Colors are powerful and impactful as they connect with people on an emotional as well as visual level. It is crucial that website design trends towards an appealing and attention-grabbing design with appropriate tone, contrast, color, and style variations to communicate brand recognition effectively.

3. More optimistic design

Some websites have noticeable designs that compel web users to stay on their sites. Users are likelier to stick around for longer when the UI/UX interface offers optimism.

4. Eye-Catching Animation Format

The in-motion attractiveness of animation gives a design a magical experience. It entices users and allows them to explore the product or services of the company. Through movement and interaction, this design trend fosters a sense of curiosity.

5. Web Design with Geometric Shapes

Companies such as Slack and Dropbox frequently use these. Users are attracted to its bold shapes with the combination of attractive colors.

6. Motion Design

Motion design is a top-notch trend in design that captivates users. Motion design is best used to convey powerful narratives. Companies are now re-creating brand concepts with a visual story on mobile devices to engage audiences in 2022.

7. Classic serif fonts

There are many sites that utilize these fonts; they convey a sense of refinement and elegance. It’s not surprising that the font trending emergence in 2022 can be observed in the ebbs and flows of design.

8. Design with muted colors

Such design trends can offer a positive message and a gentle message at the same time. These colors are now being used by more and more brands in place of bright and flashy ones.

9. Abstract/Brutalism Design

Abstract or brutalism design is one of the less common designs on the web nowadays. This design is mostly found on websites that use images, collages, lots of texture, and more to create an overall look and feel.

By 2022, designers started rebelling against conventional design aesthetics to create websites with an unnatural flow and order, and accepted design standards are utterly ignored.

However, its lack of concern with its ruggedness marginalizes it as an anti-WordPress and Squarespace design.

Why should you update your website in 2022?

Your website is your way of communicating with the world. Updating and upgrading your site if you haven’t done so in the last year or two is a good idea.